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MADE is a luxury London tailored fashion brand est 2014 specialising in tailored , hand made clothing and high - end fashion garments. Our designers take pride in everything we have made to ensure our clothing is of the highest quality.

All our clothing and textiles are sourced and Made in the UK, creating opportunity for British businesses and all material sourced outside of the UK has been approved by Fair Trade policies.

Using London designers from Saint Martins, London College Of Fashion and in house talent, gives us the cutting edge when it comes to street-wear fashion.


Our logo is hand stitched using gold thread to give an outstanding reflective feel. Our brand is M▲DE for the ambitious student, the young entrepreneur, the hard working individual, the businessman or woman who is self-Made. 


Whether you are a casual dresser or cutting edge trend setter M▲DE has the perfect outfit for both male and female customers who wishes for a brand to complement the attitude, dedication and personality of someone who is M▲DE.


If you need custom hand made, tailored clothing we are the brand for you.

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